Wanted: ARM3 upgrade for Archimedes A310/1

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Wanted: ARM3 upgrade for Archimedes A310/1

Post by dandoore » Mon Jun 29, 2020 3:18 pm

Wanted: 25Mhz or above ARM3 upgrade for Archimedes A310/1.

I have a CJE 4Mb board in the unit which sits above the on board RAM so it needs to be a smaller footprint one like this IFEL one : http://chrisacorns.computinghistory.org ... _ARM3.html...

...rather than like this Aleph1 one :http://chrisacorns.computinghistory.org ... RM320.html which looks like it would be too large.

CJE don't have any so I'm prepared to pay similar or a bit more...

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Acorn Archimedes "A340/1": RO3.11/MEMC1a/Econet/4Mb/512Mb 16-bit IDE

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Re: Wanted: ARM3 upgrade for Archimedes A310/1

Post by Marvin » Mon Jun 29, 2020 11:38 pm

None of the following is for sale, it's just some info for you...

I have a Simtec 4Mb upgrade fitted in my A310, it fits above the onboard ram and all the resistors on the motherboard are lifted up onto the ram upgrade, the rearmost edge of the 4mb upgrade is about 3/8" further back than the metal shelf for the floppy/hard drive, is your upgrade a similar setup ?

Because I have a Arm3 upgrade (although I can't remember who's) that is far bigger than the IFEL one you linked to and it sits above and actually overlaps the ram upgrade at the front by about 3/16" without any problems. The Arm3 PCB projects about 1" both forward and right of the socket and 1/2" back and left of the motherboard socket.

I also have the IFEL 8Mb upgrade and that clears the Arm3 upgrade by about 1/4".

My Arm3 was a 25Mhz but I swoped the oscillator for a 32Mhz and it ran it like that for many years as my main machine. It would run for a short while at 40Mhz with a fan and heatsink fitted and nearly ran okay at 36Mhz but it wasn't 100% reliable and I couldn't find a 33Mhz can at the time so settled for 32Mhz instead.

I can post pictures if It'll help but I'd need to clean the machine first as it's an embarrassment as it stands... 30 years of crud and dirt :oops:

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