A3010 Repair Hint: Crackly sound

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A3010 Repair Hint: Crackly sound

Post by philpem » Wed Jun 12, 2019 1:12 am

Here's a repair hint from the department of "I think I just fixed the last problem on this machine..!"

Issue: Sound crackles at seemingly random intervals. Speaker occasionally suffers low volume or distorted output. General sound weirdness.

Root cause: Bad soldering or damaged pins on the audio hybrid. (the white 'Acorn Audio' component between the back panel and the mini-podule socket.

Fix: Desolder the audio hybrid. Cut the pins back, but not too far. Solder a turned-pin pin header (e.g. Harwin type) to the pins on the hybrid on the "Acorn Audio" label side. Solder a matching socket to the motherboard. Reinstall the hybrid.


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