Robo-1 full listing :o)

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Robo-1 full listing :o)

Post by dr.grim »

Hi all,

Finally got organised - trying to attach the sources, I've got the raw tokenised basic and a text version attached, unsure what's more use, so there's both :)

I've blogged about it with a bit of background ... es/Robo-1/ - much fiddling and there's now a hyperlink to directly load it into jsbeeb from the GitHub source - also stashed a copy on GitHub too for posterity.

I'm aiming to slowly extract magazine type-ins and stash there for safe keeping. Feel free to archive where's best - once I sift more files I'll upload more & then try and track down the authors for permission etc. to host.

More mining to come!

Raw tokenised BASIC
(7.67 KiB) Downloaded 32 times
ASCII text listing
(9.59 KiB) Downloaded 35 times
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Re: Robo-1 full listing :o)

Post by mad »

found a strange bug in this one.
"sometimes" the detection on the energy sprite fails.

you have to leave the room and come back later (redraw screen).
not a big deal, but it is annoying at times.
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