A brand new Commodore PET kit computer

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A brand new Commodore PET kit computer

Post by Andrew_Waite »

A brand new Commodore PET, complete with 80 column text mode.

What do you think?

https://www.theregister.com/2021/06/10/ ... _the_mini/

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Re: A brand new Commodore PET kit computer

Post by Prime »

It's neat and all, and I can see a lot of work has gone into it.

But for me it's a bit LOLPRICE, especially as I have a real 3032 (Well it says 3008 on the front but It's got 32K now).


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Re: A brand new Commodore PET kit computer

Post by 1024MAK »

The main problem is the creator has thrown all his toys out of his pram… see what little there is left of his blog.

I can understand him closing his shop during the difficult time of the full lockdown, but to remove years and years worth of his blog and go into his shell that much :shock:

Before COVID19, I did buy various kits, boards and bits from him and he appeared to be very reasonable with good customer service.

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Re: A brand new Commodore PET kit computer

Post by BigEd »

It's a shame Dave has had such a difficult time. Part of it seems to be people's behaviour, perhaps coming from some sense of entitlement as to how the magical internet ought to send them shiny toys:
And please consider that you are talking a human being. It seems a lot of people do not realise the impact an offhand negative comment can have on someone who cares about that they do.
Stress, depression, and other mental health issues are no joke. It would be good if we could all treat each other with compassion.
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