Master Compact Floppy Drive

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Master Compact Floppy Drive

Post by stevebubs »

Looking for a black floppy drive for my master compact that will fill the hole fully rather than leave a gap like most normal height drives.

I could print a blanking plate, but would rather have the right drive in there...
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Re: Master Compact Floppy Drive

Post by c0burn »

Hi Steve

If/when I get an internal Gotek sorted for my Master Compact, I may be willing to offer you my original Sony Master Compact drive. This isn't happening any time immediately as a nice guy on Facebook is offering to design and print me a nice Gotek bracket, but we're not finished yet as he's playing with the design. I have little to no original media so really don't have a need for the drive.

Send me a PM or bump the thread in a month or two and I'll see where we are at?


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