Modern Printer for Econet (BBC / RiscOS)

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Modern Printer for Econet (BBC / RiscOS)

Post by 8271 »

Hopefully this is a simple question with a simple answer.

I am looking for a relatively modern printer that I can connect to my A7000 File server that is also running spooler for printing from both the BBC and RiscOS clients.

I was hoping to find a cheap laser printer that could potentially work with the laserjet drivers that come with the !Printers app that has a parallel port (unless riscos have a TCPIP Port print functionality?

I have my old LC10 that I used on my model B back in 1990 but the ribbon is probably dried up which I may be able to get running as a backup if nothing else comes up.
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Re: Modern Printer for Econet (BBC / RiscOS)

Post by paintings » is another possibility: they sell printers with parallel ports that should work with an A7000.
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Re: Modern Printer for Econet (BBC / RiscOS)

Post by dangardner » is another possible option, for connecting to more modern printers.
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Re: Modern Printer for Econet (BBC / RiscOS)

Post by Marvin »

I have an HP 2200N LaserJet printer that's networked via cat5 that Risc OS is happy to print to. It uses JetDirect protocol which Risc OS printer drivers support. It's a bit long in the tooth but it's totally bombproof and you can pick them up for 50quid or so on ebay.

For other suggestions have a look here...
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Re: Modern Printer for Econet (BBC / RiscOS)

Post by jgharston »

My HP LaserJet 5 and HP LaserJet 5000 work perfectly fine for me, Beeb, A5000, M128 and MDFS.

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