Browsing Behaviour under Android

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Browsing Behaviour under Android

Post by leenew »

Just to point out a behaviour that really annoys me!
If I am browsing a list of games on and I get to the end of Page 1, and click Page 2. I browse to the end of Page 2 and click Page 3.
I see a game I want to look at.
I click the game and read the details.
The list displays Page 1 results :?
I would like it to return to where I was browsing i.e. in this instance Page 3 at the point I entered.
This happens on my phone and tablet which are both Android devices.
Any ideas how this could be fixed?

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Re: Browsing Behaviour under Android

Post by SimonSideburns »

I get similar issues in other websites, and my only suggestion is to open the game you want to look at in a new tab.
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Re: Browsing Behaviour under Android

Post by Prime »

Might also depend on which browser you are using.

I've just done the following on the H page, on Firefox (both android and windows).
Clicked next page twice, then clicked on "Hunchback" then back.

On android it displayed the first page on windows it displayed page 3.
However if I refreshed on windows it went back to page 1.

This suggests that maybe the windows browser is caching the page, whilst the android one is re-loading it?


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Re: Browsing Behaviour under Android

Post by pau1ie »

It is because the website is written to load new pages using javascript It is supposed to be quicker this way. A simple way to prevent this is therefore to switch off javascript, though this will cause a number of other features to stop working. It would be possible to switch off the javascript loading of new pages, then the page number would appear in the URL.

I thought the "back to list" was supposed to be the same as the back button, but it isn't. I will start a poll and if people fancy me ripping out the javascript I can do that.
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