MicroVitec CUB Flyback / LOPT Replacement

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MicroVitec CUB Flyback / LOPT Replacement

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Hello All,

I'm the proud owner of the CUB monitor pictured above. Trouble is, it's very flickery when warming up and takes an age to finally come into focus. I've decided that the flyback is dying and I managed to get hold of one online (this one, I presume the "tripler" and flyback are in the same unit on these?). I'm experienced with electronics and soldering and have even repaired monitors before (on the low voltage side) but have never done a flyback or de-energised a CRT. Can anyone tell me the recommended procedure with these?

Also it hasn't been on for a few weeks now so I'm assuming there won't be too much residual charge? (Obviously will still need to follow the procedure properly).

Any hints or tips gladly received!
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Re: MicroVitec CUB Flyback / LOPT Replacement

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What made you decide that the LOPT is bad? If it does eventually focus after it's warmed up, and there isn't any obvious arcing or other sign of HV breakdown, I don't think I would necessarily rush to suspect the LOPT.

That said if you've already bought the part then I guess there's no harm in swapping it out to see.

This site has some reasonable-looking notes on discharge procedures and general safe working:

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