Dunjunz RAM version

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Michael Brown
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Dunjunz RAM version

Post by Michael Brown » Sun May 27, 2018 7:25 am

Hi all,

I have taken another look at the Sideways RAM loader for Dunjunz on my Disc060.
I have compared it to the one on STH and found several bits of code were missing.
I have now re-inserted these and saved them to the DUNK file on Disc060.

Although my original loader on Disc060 loaded the game perfectly under emulation with 2 banks of spare RAM, it did not work on a real BBC (with a Datacentre fitted with just the 1 spare bank of RAM). A message should have appeared to prevent the game from loading and hopefully now it does.
I have also added a check for the Master 128 and to state "Dunjunz does not work on a Master 128".
(190.04 KiB) Downloaded 12 times

It now works fine under B-em, and if you select a model with no RAM then you get the "Image has not loaded" and "NO ROM AVAILABLE IN MACHINE" messages.
However, under BeebEm it doesn't find the RAM unless B% is changed from 0 to 3. So the version I have used here has B% at 3 and works fine with both emulators.
The 2 ROM images should load into banks 4 and 5 (as B% gets increased by 1) so you will need these to be spare on a real BBC with sideways RAM fitted.

What I cannot do at the moment is check what happens on a real BBC Micro.

So can someone please kindly copy the above image of Disc060 onto a floppy disc and then load it into a real BBC and see what happens.

1) Load it into a normal BBC B with no Sideways RAM and no Datacentre and see if you get the above messages.
2) Load it into a BBC with just a Datacentre with only 1 spare bank and see if you still get the above messages.
3) Load it into a BBC with no datacentre, but a sideways RAM board with 2 spare banks (4 and 5) and see if it loads and works correctly as it does under emulation.
4) Load it into a Master 128 and see if you get the "Dunjunz does not work on a Master 128" messsage.

If this is the correct fix, then I will also add it to the 3 Holed Out games as they suffer the same error.
Also the Rat Race game on Disc119 used that same old loader as well, so I will change that one too.

Please let me know if I have finally got this right or not.


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