Microvitec 14h94cgs2 (1494) - service manual?

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Microvitec 14h94cgs2 (1494) - service manual?

Post by stevendt » Sat May 09, 2015 9:35 am


I recently got a Microvitec 14H94CGS2 (sometimes referred to as just a model "1494" I think) monitor from Elminster (thanks a lot D.)

Unfortunately, the Useless Parcels Service managed to give it a beating on its way to me and it has suffered some damage, the majority of which is cosmetic/structural and the monitor still works.

Unfortunately, they have also broken the two adjustment knobs which means that I can't adjust brightness/contrast. I thought that the knobs had just been forced inside the case as I could hear them rattling around, but when I got them out, they have actually been sheared and I need to get the case open to get to the pots to see if I can fix them.

Somewhat embarrassingly, I can't get the cover off :oops:

I have not been able to find a service manual for this monitor, does anyone have one, or can anyone tell me how to get into it? I have seen a generic Microvitec service manual that shows some different cases with "typical" screw locations, but this monitor is not one of them.

Removing the screws that would appear to be associated with the case assembly, I can't get the cover off. Because of the damage to the case, I don't want to force the issue as the case is likely to get further damaged, so I don't know if it just jammed, due to the damage, or whether there is some trick to getting the case open.

Can anyone help,please?

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