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Boxed and working A7000

Posted: Tue Sep 08, 2020 9:37 pm
by 8271
Making space for new acquisitions.... Offering here for a few weeks before it goes up on Ebay.

34Mb Ram (2Mb on board + 32Mb SIMM)
512Mb ZIDEFS Podule with DOM
Keyboard & PS/2 Mouse
RiscOS 3.6
Original boxes / manuals

I recently acquired this machine, it had a battery leak problem but ran. I have cleaned up the board and replaced the battery off board. There is a track lift / break on the onboard IDE link but my soldering skills are not up to fully diagnosing or fixing. I have installed a ZIDEFS podule from IanS of this parish and the machine runs great.

This machine is currently my fileserver for the econet and running sharefs using the network card & econet module - however; this will be transferred to a RiscPC which will take on the new mantle as econet Level4 fileserver.

The machine is clean, no security markings. Has original acorn keyboard (this is yellowed and could probably benefit from a retrobrite treatment but I haven't done it as it functions just fine). Has a PS/2 wheel mouse with the wheel acting as the central button.

Pics to follow

Looking for £200