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5.25" DSDD Floppy Discs

Posted: Fri Sep 04, 2020 5:30 pm
by BeebMaster
I've managed to source an abundance of 5.25" DSDD floppy discs. I took a bit of a punt, but pleasingly when they arrived today, they are in superb nick, in cardboard packs of 10 still sealed in shrink-wrap. Inside they are each already in a nice white paper sleeve, and there's a sheet with 10 disc labels and 10 write protect tabs.
Even better than all that, they work!
I can do a sealed 10-pack for £20 plus postage and packing, or 2 packs for £38.00 + P&P for forum members. I'll even open a pack and format them to DFS or ADFS if you like!

Please PM me for enquiries & ordering.