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FS: (slightly OT) Legacy PC hardware

Posted: Fri Aug 11, 2017 9:51 am
by johnkenyon
Over the years I have accumulated a silly quantity of "legacy" PC hardware.
These are all 16 bit ISA cards:

* World's biggest pile of 3C509 (10Base2+AUI/10BaseT+10Base2+AUI)and 3C509B (All with 10BaseT+AUI, some with 10Base2 as well) (20 in total)
* Handful of 3C503 (10BaseT+AUI) - (usable in 8 bit ISA slots, so good for PC/XT). (5 off)
* Two RTL8019/NE2000 compatible NICs (10BaseT+10Base2)
All the above have been tested - shove it in a Linux box, check that DHCP+ping works, shutdown and remove.
* A single 3C507 NIC (AUI+10BaseT)
All the 3C50x cards have EPROM sockets.

* Various "multi i/o" cards (floppy, IDE, serial, parallel, game ports)
* Odd VGA cards (1xCP-5422, 1x"Number Nine"/JF9-GXE)
* A number of 8 port serial cards (2x"Rocketport 8J", 1x Specialix I/O 8+

I also have a fair amount of memory:
* 30 pin SIMM
* 30 pin SIPP (SIMM with pins) - 256k
* 72 pin DIMM (mostly 4Mb and 8Mb, EDO and FPM)

PM me with an offer if you want any individual bits - I'm looking for postage and something to cover my time taking it to the post office.

/John Kenyon