Holy Horrors

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Holy Horrors

Post by leenew » Thu Feb 08, 2018 1:38 pm

Does anyone have an original "Holy Horrors" tape from Romik Software?
The UEF at STH is faulty (and so is the disc version at STH) and I would like to do a new transfer as apparently it has problems: https://www.solutionarchive.com/game/id ... rrors.html
There is a "fixed" game on CASA but I would still like to try to transfer a fresh version.



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Re: Holy Horrors

Post by billcarr2005 » Mon Feb 19, 2018 10:05 pm


I've got the original "Holy Horrors" tape, but couldn't get a decent enough WAV from it to create a decent CSW (stops at &13 from &1D of the data), and couldn't create a decent UEF, ie. to the same place, from the CSW - it completely baulks at representing *any* of the data.

So I modified the GAME loading code from PART1 so that I could save the resulting code off.

Haven't bothered playing it, but did a file compare, for the original code and the only differences between the original and STH/CASA fixed version is the clear memory on break *FX200,2 or *FX200,0 around &1296 and the JMP opcode to start the game again when break is pressed at &D40

It's true the UEF completely misses the protected part of the original cassette but can't understand in what way the disc version is faulty, since the "fixed" file on CASA is the same...

There's a check that &C28 = #&43, originally setup within ADVENT and if not the right value, "PIRATE COPY" is displayed.

My best guess, which is mentioned in some way on CASA is that it's an emulation fault!
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