Personal Computer News. Missing Games.

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Re: Personal Computer News. Missing Games.

Post by uniforix » Sun Feb 04, 2018 4:08 pm

leenew wrote:
uniforix wrote:Any of these have the Towering Inferno BBC listing, still can't remember what mag it was in, don't think I will ever find it.
Are you certain of the title?
I will go through all my notes this evening.
The only magazine I can think of that I haven't trawled is "Personal Computing Today" as I can't find scans.
Also some "Games computing"mags are missing so maybe it was in one of those?
Definitely from a magazine and not a book?

Hi Lee

It was definietely in a magazine, been through lots of archives but still no luck, wish I could remember the magazine but its a long time ago, I would only be 10 lol


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Re: Personal Computer News. Missing Games.

Post by leenew » Sun Feb 04, 2018 6:10 pm

I have gone through all the "Popular Computing Weekly" magazines on
It only goes to the end of 1986 really, and I have found some more missing games, but still no towering inferno! :?
I just can't think of any other magazines to look through.
All I can think is that it is in a magazine that doesn't have an online scanned version?
Or.... was it for the speccy? :lol:


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