Public Domain Discs

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Public Domain Discs

Post by daveejhitchins » Sun Jul 09, 2017 6:17 pm

Someone recently made a shout for Public Domain Discs. I now can't find the post, however, I've found Discs HO1 to HO6 titled "Arcaynia Public Domain". From the other text on the disc they would appear to contain Fonts e.g.

HO1 > Optma/Ocford/Paltno/winchstr/Avnt/ZpChance
HO2 > N'ham/MltKns/Londn/Ldylnd/Bnguiat/NwSchBk
HO3 >Jotr/Garamnd/Dingbts/CooprBlac/FrzQuad
HO4 > Cinema/C'bridge/Bodoni/Symb/Chancery/ParkAv
HO5 > Algerian/Brushscpt/Revue/Barcd/Swz/Buck'ham
HO6 > Univer/Bristol/Stencil/Bath/AMType/Balloon

I'm not even sure Which machine these are for, although the address appears here, which has riscos in the link!

If these are of interest to anyone I'll see if I can get them onto ssd.

Thanks - Dave H :D
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