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Re: BBC Micro SID Tunes

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anightin wrote:
Wed Jul 28, 2021 3:48 pm
Have just seen this on the Acorn Computer and BBC Micro FB page:

The Register promoting a music composition competition at the TNMOC: ... nERksct2q8

Sending your conversions to them should definitely inform them that the Beeb is better than just "bleeps, whistles, and flatulent squawks" :D

The actual TNMOC competition page is here: ... tion-entry
Thanks. Yes, I had seen it. Two issues for me:

“compose a piece of music for a fictional computer game using the system inspired by the BBC Micro - the Raspberry Pi.


“Your music must be no longer than 30 seconds and be supplied in .mp3 format.”

I quickly lost interest after reading that unfortunately. :(
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Re: BBC Micro SID Tunes

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Has anyone mentioned Outrun?
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