A couple of A3000 demo screens from 1991

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A couple of A3000 demo screens from 1991

Post by Zippy » Mon Oct 26, 2020 3:58 pm

Not exactly a new release, but I thought someone might be interested in these old demos I just found, written back in 1991 while I had an A3000 for a few months.

The commented source code is included within the Basic files. This was my first attempt at writing ARM code (coming from 68000/Atari ST scene) so it's nothing amazing. It uses some other external code for module playback and custom screen modes, also included.

There's also a BBC Basic program I originally wrote on the BBC Micro in the mid 80's, a combat simulator for the old board game "Star Fleet Battles", that handles all the movement and combat stuff that would normally be done from the rule book charts + dice rolls etc.

So the 3 executable files are:

PARALLAX : Parallax 4 way scroller demo
SOFTSCROLL : Scroller + sprites demo (while running the background direction can be changed with number keys on numeric keypad + sprites pattern can be changed with function keys)
STARFLEET : Star Fleet Battles combat simulator, in BBC Basic. From BBC Micro (Mode 7) but runs fine on the A3000

I've only tested with Arculator v099 and sometimes the "Softscroll" screen crashes after a while, not sure if that's an emulation issue, the sound module playback or just my buggy old code. :)

Anyways, hope someone finds it useful.
A couple of old A3000 demos from 1991
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Re: A couple of A3000 demo screens from 1991

Post by Optimus6128 » Sat Nov 07, 2020 2:30 pm


It's cool for me to look at the basic/assembly code and see how it loads/plays music from this tracker. I am new to Archimedes coding and looking at all kinds of source code to learn stuff.

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