Voyage of Discovery

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Voyage of Discovery

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So here's a game I've been looking for for a long time. I saw it back when a demo of it was on an Acorn Computing coverdisc back in December 1994 but have never managed to find a copy of the full game. It was released by Sherston and CCH look to have a copy in their archive, so it definitiely did get a full release.

I found the coverdisc the demo's on the other day and that reminded me about it all over again... I've done some searching around but haven't managed to turn up anything useful other than that CCH archive link. It just seems to be eluding me, which makes me more curious about the full game. Even CJE haven't got it listed on their price list, which surprised me.

Anyone happen to have a copy lying around, or know if there's a downloadable copy hanging around in an online archive somewhere that I've not found yet?
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