Automating the creation of SSD's

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Re: Automating the creation of SSD's

Post by sweh » Mon Jun 01, 2015 8:12 pm

Minor code enhancements; the backend utils updated so it should work properly with Strawberry Perl on Windows. The main split program will report an error if the program mentioned in the !BOOT menu could not be found, and won't create an SSD containing just !BOOT in that case.
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Re: Automating the creation of SSD's

Post by chrisn » Mon Jun 01, 2015 8:57 pm

Well done Richard, lurkio, Stephen on writing these tools!

I just run the script against all 104 of Michael's disks I have. But I got a "Catalogue full" error on Disk082 - this is because Superman, which is on side 2 of this disk, has 31 files, so there's not enough catalogue space for these plus a !BOOT file.


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Re: Automating the creation of SSD's

Post by sweh » Tue Jun 02, 2015 5:21 pm

Hmm. Just to stop the code exploding, here's a version that will delete the !BOOT (and *OPT4,0 and *COMPACT) if we try to add a file too many.

Code: Select all

Processing SRC/Disc082.dsd
  WARNING: RESULTS/Disc082-Superman.ssd is full.  Deleted $.!BOOT

% beeb info RESULTS/Disc082-Superman.ssd | head
Disk title: LOADER (1)  Disk size: &320 - 200K
Boot Option: 0 (None)   File count: 31

Filename:  Lck Lo.add Ex.add Length Sct
$.CON       L  002C00 002DB0 002B00 1A9
$.GAME7.2   L  001360 002646 001C83 18C
$.GAME7.1   L  007740 007740 0008C0 183
$.GAME7.L   L  001FB6 001FB6 000647 17C
$.GAME6.3   L  001360 001E56 001C85 15F
$.GAME6.2   L  0056C0 0056C0 0000D8 15E

At least this lets the SSD get created even if it isn't a bootable disk.

(attachment is just main program, not the library)
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Re: Automating the creation of SSD's

Post by sweh » Mon Jun 15, 2015 4:56 pm

Heh, on a real machine (rather than a VM), with all the disks now available:

Code: Select all

Processing SRC/Disc001.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc002.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc003.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc004.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc005.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc006.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc007.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc008.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc009.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc010.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc011.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc012.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc013.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc014.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc015.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc016.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc017.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc018.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc019.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc020.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc021.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc022.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc023.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc024.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc025.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc025BeebEm.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc026.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc027.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc027BeebEm.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc028.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc029.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc030.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc031.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc032.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc033.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc034.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc034BeebEm.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc035.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc036.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc037.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc038.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc039.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc040.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc041.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc042.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc043.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc044.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc045.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc046.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc046BeebEm.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc047.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc048.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc049.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc049BeebEm.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc050.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc051.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc052.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc053.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc054.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc055.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc056.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc057.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc058.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc059.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc060.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc061.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc062.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc063.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc064.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc065.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc066.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc067.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc068.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc069.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc070.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc071.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc072.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc073.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc074.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc075.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc076.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc077.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc078.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc079.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc080.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc081.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc082.dsd
  WARNING: RESULTS/Disc082-SupermanManOfSteel.ssd is full.  Deleted $.!BOOT
Processing SRC/Disc083.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc084.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc085.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc086.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc087.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc088.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc089.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc090.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc091.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc092.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc093.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc094.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc095.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc096.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc097.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc098.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc099.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc100.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc101.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc102.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc103.dsd
Processing SRC/Disc104.dsd

real    0m2.65s
user    0m2.14s
sys     0m0.50s
Well, Lee... that's 1,962 SSD images for you to test to make sure they work :-) I think that'll take you longer than 3 seconds!

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Re: Automating the creation of SSD's

Post by leenew » Mon Jun 15, 2015 5:00 pm

err... Thanks.... I think :? :lol:


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