No room at line ...

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Michael Brown
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No room at line ...

Post by Michael Brown » Fri Jun 23, 2017 12:52 pm

Due to moving some games from &E00 to &1100 or &1300 "no room at line ...." errors can occur due to lack of available memory space.

The main games affected by this are ones that need to access the disc drive to load or save files, so cannot really be downloaded to &E00 (or wherever) to run correctly.

Recently fixed was Football Manager which has been compressed/condensed and now runs at &1300 as files are loaded or saved.

I was just wondering if anyone has played any other games hacked to disc that now show a "no room at line ..." error as a result and may need compressing/condensing to work.

Just played Confrontation which now loads at &1100 and this eventually runs out of memory like Football Manager once did.

Anyone found anymore?


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