JSnake v1.02 [minor update] released on Retro Software site.

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JSnake v1.02 [minor update] released on Retro Software site.

Post by jbnbeeb » Sun Feb 23, 2014 6:36 pm

Hi there,

Version 1.02 released with bugfixes and RS logo branded load screen following feedback from Samwise.

I did the fixes a while back but if IIRC

- disabled Escape key in loading screens and in game
- changed sensitivity of joystick control so that the stick doesn't have to be moved so far back for snake to move
- Corrected load screen to display "Retro Software" branding correctly

ssd file and sourcecode can be found at http://www.retrosoftware.co.uk/jsnake

Work on my Dogfight game is continuing.. I've worked on it extensively over December/January, but not much to show for it as yet. Got a fast sprite routine up and running now. Will start a dev diary when I have a couple of screenshots worth looking at.

I'm going to ..
ABUG Cambridge Sept 7th-9th Sept 2018

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Re: JSnake v1.02 [minor update] released on Retro Software s

Post by CMcDougall » Sun Feb 23, 2014 9:47 pm


just got a score of 1400. Nice loading screen too 8)

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