Sprint Arcade game emulator for the BBC Micro

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Sprint Arcade game emulator for the BBC Micro

Post by tricky » Wed Dec 26, 2018 10:17 am

I have mentioned this before and I think there is a page on RetroSoftware, but I can't access that site for some reason.

I have written an emulator for the Kee Games (Atari) Sprint 1 car racing game.

The emulator loads the original arcade ROMs concatenated together into an 8K file.
As Atari is a currently an active company I haven't included my copies of the ROMs that I got from a scrapped game in the 80s.

To create the ROM image from your own legal copies for the game, concatenate your ROM images that correspond to the ROMS that the MAME ROM identifier designates: 6290-01.b1, 6291-01.c1, 6442-01.d1 and 6443-01.e1 in that order.
In DOS this would be: copy /b 6290-01.b1+6291-01.c1+6442-01.d1+6443-01.e1 SPRINT

The game runs in MODE 0, as although this was one of the early CPU controlled games, it runs in a higher resolution than nearly all other games for years. It is supposed to be black/white/grey, but as we are in MODE 0, the "AI" cars are stippled to appear grey.

The beeb controls are:
Insert coin: 5 (MAME inspired, where some of the hardware knowledge came from)
Start game: S
Gear select keys: 1, 2, 3 and 4
Gear shift up/down: fire buttons
Direction to steer is controlled by an analogue joystick simulating a quadrature style opto' steering wheel.
The game simulates the Start Lamp with CapsLock.

There is a BASIC program called LOADER that loads the ROMs and then patches them to call my routines to interact with simulated hardware instead of accessing it directly or in some cases, I put the values that the game would read from memory mapped hardware in memory (moved to somewhere more convenient) so that the game will continue as if the original hardware had been read. The "dip switches" can be changed in here.

The original hardware draws the track from a character mapped display (mostly dots for the track markers). The slow map update as you progress are as you would see on real hardware, not slow emulation ;) The hardware also draws the cars and detects collision between each other and any track obstacles.
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Re: Sprint Arcade game emulator for the BBC Micro

Post by sPhilMainwaring » Wed Jan 02, 2019 6:32 pm

Another awesome emulation Tricky :)

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