Update to bbcmicro.co.uk : Missing games added

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Update to bbcmicro.co.uk : Missing games added

Post by leenew »

A small addition has been made to bbcmicro.co.uk.
Every known MIA (missing in action) game has been added.
They have been added using the secondary genre "missing".
See here: http://bbcmicro.co.uk/index.php?rt_R=&r ... =on&sort=a

Hopefully some of these will turn up eventually!

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Re: Update to bbcmicro.co.uk

Post by VectorEyes »

That's a lot of MIA games!

I shall try to keep an eye out for them.
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Re: Update to bbcmicro.co.uk

Post by lurkio »

Yes, Lee's put an awful lot of work into compiling the list of missing games and then copying all the details to bbcmicro.co.uk.

=D> =D>

Let's hope that all his hard work — plus the work put in by fuzzel et al. — eventually pays off: maybe the list will jog people's memories and they'll rummage through their dusty collections and unearth some long-lost games..!

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