Lists of bugs/corrections to games.

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Michael Brown
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Lists of bugs/corrections to games.

Post by Michael Brown » Sun Jun 23, 2013 2:28 pm

It may be an idea to form a list here of any game that has been amended due to a bug, whether this be major or minor.

I would suggest simple things such as amendments to spelling, (Spectapede/Spectipede comes to mind), and more major things such as getting the high score table for Copter Capers to work from disk or the sound to work correctly on Alien Swirl.

I think we should list the game, the fault (and from which copy), the correction made, how the correction was made and how the game performs as a result of the change.


Snooker from Acornsoft, Balls go ballistic when struck (on STH disk version), *TAPE added to code and game now works identical to playing the tape version.

Maybe then, once they are all listed in one place, someone in charge of the forum may be able to amend the STH disks accordingly.

Anyone else spotted or done any?

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Re: Lists of bugs/corrections to games.

Post by SimonSideburns » Thu Aug 29, 2013 3:16 pm

I used to play and create levels for a game that came on one of the Disk User cover disks - System Wadgebury. I used to hate having to reboot back into the game loader to select to play game or enter the editor, so I seem to remember adding support to it that allowed you to press Escape to return to the loader, and I also had to remove the high score table and only left one high score to make room. I've looked at my working disks (I've imaged most of them into my Data Centre) and can't find it any more.
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