High Score Challenge - Season 10

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High Score Challenge - Season 10

Post by KarateEd » Sat Jul 28, 2018 6:09 pm

Stardot High Score Challenge - Season Ten!

Overall High Score Table


Thanks to Galax for the Mode 7 fonts.
Season 10 Round Links

Round 1 - Jetpac
Round 2 - Bounty Bob Strikes Back
Round 3 - ArcPinball
Round 4 - The Mine
Round 5 - Vertigo
Round 6 - Nevryon
Round 7 - Chuckie Egg 2009
Round 8 - Carnival
Round 9 - Uridium
Round 10 - Magic Mushrooms
Round Champ - Crazy Painter
Season 10 Games List - Starting on July 30th, Monday 9 PM UK Time

There is an 11.5% chance of your game being picked initially except for Tricky who has only 2 games submitted - 7.7% chance.
There were 26 games selected for this round, nicely done folks.
Having said that, there is also a very good chance none of your games will get selected this season as only 10 do get selected. I've had that happen to me a few seasons, not a big deal.

Let's go out and have fun with whatever games are selected. As usual, I'll employ the 'blind man's' approached using a bowl with the games in it and holding it above my head when picking the game. It's not very high tech but it's a very good random generator.... :wink:


Crazy Painter


Chuckie Egg http://bbcmicro.co.uk//gameimg/discs/25 ... kieEgg.ssd
Thrust http://bbcmicro.co.uk//gameimg/discs/43 ... Thrust.ssd
Magic Mushrooms http://bbcmicro.co.uk//gameimg/discs/24 ... apeSTT.ssd


Phoenix http://www.bbcmicro.co.uk/game.php?id=2719]
Bubble Bobble http://www.bbcmicro.co.uk/game.php?id=1874
Arc Pinball http://www.bbcmicro.co.uk/game.php?id=1604




Yie Ar Kung Fu


Chuckie Egg 2009 by Organ Grinder's Monkey http://bbcmicro.co.uk/game.php?id=1840
Nevryon by 4th Dimension http://bbcmicro.co.uk/game.php?id=1183
Mega Apocalypse by Martech http://bbcmicro.co.uk/game.php?id=786


Vertigo (Superior Software)

Road Runner (Superior Software)
The Mine (Micro Power)


E type (4th Dimension)
Superman - Man Of Steel (Tynesoft)
Bounty Bob Strikes Back (US Gold)


Hob Goblin (tricky, but not by Tricky)
Carnival (by Tricky)
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