High Score Challenge S8 - R10 - Skirmish

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Re: High Score Challenge S8 - R10 - Skirmish

Post by MatthewThompson » Tue Jan 23, 2018 5:23 pm

KarateEd wrote:So folks, the next up is White Light by Sarah Walker and John Blythe.

I ended up winning Season 8 so that's my choice for the Championship Round. I really hope you have fun with it.... it's a game I really like as it's so professionally done and just plays really well. You won't find bugs in this one as they've done a bang up job over the past 7 or so years to iron it out. It has also been properly Alpha and Beta tested by some on this group so you know it's going to be great.... it IS great!!!.

Anyway, enjoy and I've already put up a score to give you a modestly middling target to shoot for and surpass.

Also, I will start a thread for submissions for Season 9. At this time, if you have ideas for format changes, please let me know. The rules aren't going to change unless there is a great concensus that they should but perhaps people might see a better way to run the competition.

For my part, I quite like it how it is but am certainly willing to be flexible should reasonable changes be suggested, and that will always be the case.

If I hear nothing then I'll just keep on keeping on as they say.

Ed...... :-)
I would personally like to see games which have been played before not included, there is so many excellent BBC games out there, many which some of us have never played before, (Amaze in space for me last time round) so it seems a bit of a waste to replay the same games, when there's some real gems out there waiting to be discovered.

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