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Softy Programmer

Post by ChrisO »

I'd quite like to have a go at building a Softy Programmer, would have liked one in the day but far too expensive. I have a copy of the manual which has circuit details but no code ? Don't suppose anybody here has one and could dump the 2708 EPROM ?

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Re: Softy Programmer

Post by robcfg »

2708s are quite tricky to dump as most regular eprom programmers don't support it.

Plus, I think they used 3 different voltages if memory serves me well.

I had to make an adaptor connected to an old PC PSU, put it on the eprom programmer and connect it to another computer to be able to read some.

It worked, but it's not easy by any means.
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Re: Softy Programmer

Post by daveejhitchins »

My ChipMaster 6000XPu lists the SPMC65P2708A but I think this is a modern device (Micro) with 8K OTP ROM.

Can you post the manufacturer and exact part number, please.

Dave H.
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Re: Softy Programmer

Post by walkerworks »

Sorry it's taken me so long to dig out my Softy, just became a Grandfather again last weekend so been busy :D

The firmware is on a 2708. Here are a couple of photos. This ROM requires +/-5V and +12V so I'll need to build a carrier to read it unless someone has a programmer that can read it directly.

Dave, I had a quick look at the spec of the SPMC65P2708A and I don't think it's compatible.

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