Anyone tried to port Atom Basic to py65?

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Anyone tried to port Atom Basic to py65?

Post by DavidWallis » Wed Oct 09, 2019 8:58 am

I was playing with this last night to see what would need to be done. They give EhBasic as an example and I managed to run the demo, and write and run a 3 line BASIC program. Anyone else made this work with Atom ROMS?

There is very little documentation. But it looks like character I/O is handled by monitoring memory addresses and registering a function to be called when that address is written to / read from. So on the atom side I need to write new OSWRCH and OSRDCH, and I think that all they have to do is read and write to an address. I'll have to look up how the original Atom ones work in my "Splitting the Atom" book. I'm not sure how the Atom knows a character has been entered for example.

But I think that if I can get py65 to boot Atom Basic it's then straightforward to build a simple 6502 board with ROM/RAM and a UART, running Atom Basic. No idea why I want to. Just plain geekery, and a follow up to building Grant Searle style simple 8-bit computers.

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Re: Anyone tried to port Atom Basic to py65?

Post by scruss » Wed Oct 09, 2019 3:10 pm

For a really simple 6502 board, I don't think you can do much simpler than Lee Hart's 6502 40th Anniversary Computer Badge. Lee's updating it now as the original LED display is no longer available, and the original suffered from having no input beyond serial.

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