Earliest examples of each machine?

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Re: Earliest examples of each machine?

Post by steve3000 » Sun Feb 18, 2018 12:32 am

CMcDougall wrote:
lee wrote: we have all seen an issue 1 now that one has just sold on eBay
for £331 just for the original board, not the rest
...pics or it did not exist :
There's also a photo of an issue 1 pcb with the same style printed serial number in the PCW magazine review from Jan 82. It was #10, and (probably coincidence) also missing the video-out BNC connector, as was the one on eBay.

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Re: Earliest examples of each machine?

Post by ask_nz » Sun Feb 25, 2018 8:19 am

That issue one is very interesting - love the hand written serial number.

Just noticed that the keyboard circuit on that Issue 1 photo from the magazine is totally different to issue 2 keyboards. Apart from the speaker - the circuit seems to be on the upper side as you can see green and very distinct upper side copper tracings. Makes me think that they decided to transfer the circuit to lower side on later designs.

Totally different from issue 2/3 single sided keyboard circuit (which I believe are similar to issue 4/7 except the speaker's glued on and has no speaker mounting holes).

Anyone have any ideas about the issue 1 keyboard?


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