New UK dial-up BBS online!

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New UK dial-up BBS online!

Post by Ginger1 » Tue Feb 11, 2020 5:19 pm

Dial-Up Nights is a new dial-up only bulletin board, running Max's BBS on native Amiga NG hardware [I had considered running the board on a Pi under RISC OS, but serial connections are more problematic - at least for the time I have available to get something running].

The 'beta' version of the board is open 9pm - 6 am.

(The plan is to increase to 24/7, depending on demand.)

Supporting Acorn, RISC OS, Commodore, Amiga, and other alternative OSs - as well as general message banks, files. Door games to come.

Call tonight! 0208 363 3637.

You will need a landline and a dial-up modem to connect, as well as a way of connecting the modem to your computer. To register, you can give a handle rather than a real name.

Telnet might well be easier...especially if you have Wifi232 modem. For all of those with an original modem and a landline (and even better a free calls package), I think this is just crying out for some traditional dial-up action. And for me, dial-up has a certain magic. Plus, it's rather cool to be connecting to other machines and communities, completely outside of the internet.

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