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Re: pi gpio bbc basic

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You can use control basic to produce a pwm signal to control linear and stepper motors I use a deltronics controlit buffer box to break out the parallel port and the user port Here is the code for stepper motor control

I screen grabbed it from a 1980's BBC Micro programme

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Re: pi gpio bbc basic

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that is really interesting! i did originally want to do my program with the bbc, but then thought id try to get it sorted with the pi, and bbc basic. That way also, i dont stand a chance of blowing up the bbc!

I do love learning about this old technology, [uel=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9z9eDMZqCk]stuff like this old program [/url] is amazing to me as the technology was so basic then. Plus also with that example, im into road rallying, and the detail a nav can give you from those maps, its unreal.

ill take some pics tomorrow of my setup and post them, not so good so far, but im sure ill develop it more as time moves on.

infact, there was a computer program episode that started with a lad who was using a stick off of his head to type on a bbc as he had something wrong with him [cant remember now] i watched when i was a kid that is why i am doing the window thing. lol
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