looking for BEEBUG(?) BBC BASIC learner booklet

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looking for BEEBUG(?) BBC BASIC learner booklet

Post by scruss » Sun Jul 22, 2018 2:49 pm

It was:
  • A5 format
  • looked a lot like BEEBUG's magazine format
  • plain-paper cover, stapled
  • around the 32-64 page mark
  • possible printed in blue ink
  • sold to school students for a nominal amount (£2, maybe?)
  • available in 1985.
  • maybe had an advanced companion book, which I never got to because attention span and Asterisk Tracker …
I've dug around archives and come up with nothing. It was quite different from the User Guide, and it wasn't an Acorn/BBC publication. My copy is likely well composted inside a ratty Rucanor bag deep in a Scottish landfill, along with half a sour monkey and a dried-out Papermate Replay.

Does anyone remember this, or better still, know where a scan might live?

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