Volunteer(s) wanted to talk Beeb stuff at London user group

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Volunteer(s) wanted to talk Beeb stuff at London user group

Post by helpful » Wed Mar 07, 2018 6:27 pm

Hi all,

(I posted a similar request last year, but under a slightly cryptic title, so let's try again!)

I run the RISC OS User Group Of London, which holds monthly meetings usually with a guest speaker. Despite the name of the group, we do cover all things Acorn, as most of our members started out with Beebs and many still have them.

To encourage people (including me) to get those Beebs back out of the cupboard I would really like to have an evening (or two!) covering recent Beeb developments, so I'm looking for volunteers to talk about some of the following:
- how to connect to modern TVs/monitors
- CF/SD/MMC storage options
- downloading disc images and how to mount them to play old games
- getting data on/off Beeb floppies
- setting up Raspberry Pi co-pro to play Tube Elite :-) (funnily enough, most of our members also have a Pi lying around!)
- general maintenance / replacing caps
- other addons such as BeebOPL, VideoNuLA, etc???

Obviously I'm not expecting one person to cover all of that in an evening! Could be spread over a couple of meetings and done by a couple of speakers each talking about the bits they know best.

Our meetings are in a pub/restaurant near London Bridge http://rougol.jellybaby.net/bem.html and take place in the evening on the 3rd Monday of every month.

Volunteers please? Any questions ask them here, by PM or drop me an email on the ROUGOL address - info@rougol.jellybaby.net

RISC OS User Group Of London - http://www.rougol.jellybaby.net/
RISC OS London Show - http://www.riscoslondonshow.co.uk/

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