so I had this crazy idea for a super beeb

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so I had this crazy idea for a super beeb

Post by lovebug »

im gonna try this

buy a super nintendo 2nd hand
build a custom cartridge with a load of ram on it (at least 256MBytes) with some paging logic
write an os and also port bbc basic to it
either build an interface to plug into one of the joystick ports allowing a keyboard and mouse to be connected
or plug the keyboard and mouse directly into the cartridge (i prefer this idea)
gonna need an sd card slot too for some kind of file system storage

its been a while since i have designed any electronics and pcbs and i think this project will be fun

its probably wrong to call this a beeb but i will be writing a standard beeb type os and it'll run bbc basic so i dont know lol

watch this space
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