Xanadu Adventure by Hopesoft

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Re: Xanadu Adventure by Hopesoft

Post by lurkio » Sun Jan 04, 2015 10:06 pm

iamaran wrote:
lurkio wrote:I've submitted the guide and the map to the CASA archive, where hopefully they'll appear soon.
I'm onto it!
Wow, that was quick! Thank you.
lurkio wrote:Here's the game on SSD with a !BOOT loader, adapted from Richard Toohey's upload earlier in this thread. It should work in Model B and Master 128 modes in BeebEm:

Here's my epic guide to the game, including hints and tips, a walkthrough (or as close to a walkthrough as you'll get for such a random game), and a transcript of a complete gameplay session:

Here's the updated map that accompanies the guide:
Here's a video play-through of the game:

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