Crowther and Woods' Adventure

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Crowther and Woods' Adventure

Post by fuzzel » Sun Nov 24, 2019 2:25 pm

If anyone's interested in playing the original Adventure by Crowther and Woods in Beebem (I certainly do) then here's how.
You'll need to change the hardware configuration in Beebem to a Torch 2nd Processor. Follow the instructions below.

Run BeebEm
Menu:Hardware, Edit Rom Configuration, Load Config, Select: Roms-Torch.cfg (Open,OK)
Control Break
Menu:Hardware, Second Processor, Torch Z80 Second Processor
Menu:File, Load Disc 0, Select: AdventureB01.dsd

AdventureB01.dsd can be found here:

Crowther and Woods Colossal Cave.jpg
You can save your position (if you've un-Write Protected Disc 0) but you only get one save (a way round this would be to make a copy of the dsd file in Windows Explorer each time you save).
Save State doesn't work, presumably because the game is running in Z80 Second Processor memory. I'm assuming Save State only saves 0000-8000.

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