Converting a tape to load in BeebEm

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Converting a tape to load in BeebEm

Post by LarryD » Wed Sep 09, 2020 5:18 pm

Hi everyone.

I'm using BeebEm 4.15 and am trying to load a uef file I made from a cassette I recently found. I recorded it from my tape deck with no dolby noise reduction and created a wave file in SoundForge. I then converted it to 8-bit, saved as a mono wav file and then used MakeUEF-v2.3 to create the uef file using MAKEUEFAM -i proghmn2.wav. There were several programs on the tape which all loaded fine (including a music demo of Thriller I had done) except the last one, called HMN2. It always fails on block 7 and I don't know if there is any processing I can do on the original wav file to increase the chance of loading it. Rewinding using the tape controls and playing the same section doesn't work, and neither does changing the tape speed in BeebEm.

I have no idea what the program is and the other ones were code for scrolling the screen, creating a constant flashing area of 7 text colours in mode 7, a lyric/music viideo for the track Together in Electic Dreams and a list of sayings from The Young Ones!

I've attached the wav file of the last program in a zip.
8 bit mono wav file
(1.41 MiB) Downloaded 5 times

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