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MAME 0.224 - System roms for all Acorn machines

Posted: Thu Aug 27, 2020 5:01 am
by Arcadian
This zip file contains all Acorn roms (including System, Atom, BBC, Electron & Communicator) for MAME v0.224:

It also includes the software ROMs and also all ROMs required to use supported cartridges for the Master and Electron.

Here's a simple run through of how to get the roms set up with the MAME Emulator ...

Download the latest version of MAME for your preferred platform from and extract to a folder.

The ROM pack should be extracted into your newly created mame/roms folder, where the mame folder contains the mame64 executable. The roms subfolder should now contain,, etc. The individual ROM sets should remain zipped in the mame/roms folder.

For further MAME usage see