MAME: Internal ROM/RAM expansion boards

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Re: MAME: Internal ROM/RAM expansion boards

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Pernod wrote:
Mon Jun 14, 2021 2:10 am
holtond wrote:
Mon Jun 14, 2021 1:50 am
One question I have, is there a configuration option available anywhere to emulate the B32's start-up link being set to ON? Would be great to have that so I don't have to remember to *XON to get the increased memory available in InterWord, etc.
The start-up link is currently not implemented, as I don't know what it actually does. The B32 is only partially emulated due to lack of technical detail being available. It would be useful to know what *XSTATUS actually does to determine whether the link is ON or OFF.
WOW, thanks for the speedy reply Nigel (especially at this late hour)!

While I can't help with the latter questions, this is from the manual I've found on-line and seems to match what I vaguely remember from many years ago:

Start-up Link
Close to the notched or dotted end of the processor chip on ARIES-B32
is a small link joining two pins (see figure 2). If you wish ARIES-B32
to start up with shadow RAM active when you turn your BBC Micro on or
press {CTRL} {BREAK}, then you should leave this link in place. If you
wish ARIES-B32 to start up with shadow RAM inactive, remove the link (
you can store it on one of the two pins for safe keeping).
Note that, in the case of {CTRL}{BREAK} with the start-up link fitted
and ARIES-B32 RAM in use for sideways ROM images, ARIES-B32 will only
switch on as much shadow RAM as it can take without corrupting the
sideways RAM.
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