Acorn BBC model B ideas

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Acorn BBC model B ideas

Post by XurTerra » Thu Jul 15, 2004 2:14 pm

I am from Kiev, Ukraune.<br>
I have still working BBC model B.<br>
Now with friend haver some ideas about soft & harware.<br>
Now developing Linux like 8 task 87 bit os BeebUX based on TCP/IP stak Contiki form Comodore C64.<br>
As harware expan ide make PC ISA bus for 1 MHZ or UserPort for drive IO card with IDE HDD or iven CD drive an floppy 1.44 an 2 normam RS 232 COM ports alos 10 megabit Ethernet card and iven old 8bit create SoundBlaster soundcard.<br>
As expan ideas use CF flash cards as hdd or use UserPort PC EPP priner port fast link + FS rom based on sorces of HDFS form tet alove *Mount DFS and ADFS disdk image on PC side as phisical disk on BBC side.<br>
Otheer idea od BeebUX if syst rin on Tume 6502 an aolov TCP/IP net the write smple Netbios of FTP protocol for filr exchange an sible based on lynx web broser telnet ftp clients.<br>
6502 CPU have so trik alove run 8 task multitask using swap cpu stak zero page memiry to other location or to swap file.<br>
If TCP/IP work i have ide make BeebUX ( Linux ) cluster form 20 BBC computer like tet cluster on Sont Playstation-2 in USA or Russian Moscow univercity super computer from 100 pocket PC handhelds.<br>
My ICQ: 11884009<br>
phone +38-044-565-2500 home<br>
+38-044-572-5701 , +38-044-572-3963 office ( Ask Kostya)<br>
Cellular UMC phome +38-050-310-3401<br>