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Palace of Magic curiosity

Post by scarybeasts » Thu Aug 20, 2020 10:48 pm


Attached a Palace of Magic discbeast -> HFE capture.

This POM was recorded over the top of a 40T Play It Again Sam 1 disc!
What I think happened is:
- POM uses a dual 40/80 format disc.
- Tracks 20-39 are for the 80T data.
- Tracks 40-79 are for the 40T data (double stepped).
- Tracks 1-19 are unformatted.
- The duplicator doesn't write unformatted tracks 1-19, to save time?

Here's an image of the recovered PIAS title screen from tracks 2,4,6:


It makes sense to me: if your duplication run for PIAS was a little.... over-enthusiastic? you're not going to toss the discs out. You'll re-use them.

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