Atom Smasher from Romik

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Michael Brown
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Atom Smasher from Romik

Post by Michael Brown » Tue May 29, 2018 5:04 pm

I have just taken a look at Atom Smasher from Romik.

I have found that the game should have a shaking screen when you get caught and lose a life.
That is the case with the uef on STH with B-em.
However, under BeebEm it makes a complete mess.
The version on my Disc029 had been amended to cut out the shaking in order to work under BeebEm.

I have now been able to go back to the original and make a new version.
This version now looks for BeebEm and patches the game the best it can by poking &0D to &1508 in the MAIN? file to replace the &OC that should normally be there.
Under B-em it works normally.
(157.36 KiB) Downloaded 69 times

If OK, then I will re-post Disc029 with this better version.

Also, If anyone else can make a better version under BeebEm than I have, then please, please do!


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