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Bouncer - A&F 1983 tape on SSD

Posted: Fri Feb 23, 2018 12:35 pm
by CMcDougall
Bouncer - A&F
cardboard tape box cover
although 'we' have a SSD image on STH, it does not contain correct original loader or file names /addresses.

This tape was a nightmare :lol:
No block 0 and bad block3 on tape, changed to UEF, converted back to WAV, loaded to block3 into beeb,
recorded block 3 from STH ssd, loaded that3 into beeb, then managed to get block 4 to 5 into beeb from RAW
on the original loader, this messed up line 160 (end block4), same as line 170 on STH ssd.

now sorted :D