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Submission formats

Posted: Sun Nov 20, 2016 10:27 pm
by danielj
Submissions of 8bit Acorn software that hasn't been previously archived are very welcome! - Please don't submit 4mation or CSH titles.

Please check, and do a google search of this site (use at the start of your query) before submitting to ensure it's not already been archived.

Submissions should be UEF, hqUEF or CSW for tape. Please don't submit WAVs or other audio files unless after discussion that's deemed to be the only sensible way to get it preserved (people can't use these easily with emulators).

Disc images should be an appropriate sector image format for the type of disc being imaged, or if appropriate one of the formats which can deal with protected images (e.g. FSD).

Thanks for your help with this - we want to ensure that submissions are immediately usable by the maximum number of people with the minimum amount of fuss.