Plane Crash (1988), Labyrinth Software

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Plane Crash (1988), Labyrinth Software

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Here's Plane Crash, a text adventure game from Labyrinth Software, written originally in Adventure Creator for tape (or &E00 DFS disc, Electron and Master 128), and now converted by me to Graphic Adventure Creator format (&1900 DFS disc, BBC Micro Model B).

Conversion details:
Play online:
    DFS .SSD disc image for Plane Crash by Labyrinth Software
    (21.24 KiB) Downloaded 153 times
A review of the original game:
  • Pendragon's review of Plane Crash, from Electron User magazine
    Pendragon's review of Plane Crash, from Electron User magazine
Walkthrough/solution for Plane Crash (the solution at CASA -- -- was wrong):
  • Code: Select all

    Incorrect walkthrough from CASA ( for
     Plane Crash by Labyrinth Software
    Corrected by me
     [[[ Denotes my insertions ]]]
     [-- Denotes my excisions --]
    You begin trapped in your seat harness in the cabin of the crashed plane. To free yourself, you must LOOK and get the bag. Open it, get and open the shaving kit. Get the razor and cut the harness. 
    You must now deal with the fire. LOOK and take the extinguisher. Examine it, read the instructions and pull the pin. Point the extinguisher at the fire and pull the lever to extinguish it. Open the door to avoid choking on the smoke. 
    Now go to the galley [[[ GO GALLEY ]]] and examine the shelves. Ignore the beads, but take the survival pack and open it. Open the cupboard, take the box and open it. Take what you find and push the door with the extinguisher. Go out of the door [[[ GO DOOR ]]], examine the pilot, examine his pocket and take the compass. 
    To get out, you must smash the windscreen with the extinguisher, clear the glass with the extinguisher and GO WINDSCREEN. 
    Go NORTH and put the spider in the box. Now LOOK and get the wood. Go EAST twice and open the box. Go WEST and LOOK. Keep looking until the light begins to fail. Then OPEN WOOL, DROP WOOL and drop the wood. Light a fire, then go EAST and sleep. 
    When you wake, go WEST, WEST, SOUTH, SOUTH, EAST, EAST, EAST and cross the river. [[[ Save game. Then launch Part 2. Load savegame. ]]] You will now be in part two of the game. This part is set mainly in a jungle maze. You will be trapped in a hut and must act quickly to free yourself as the headhunters plan to sacrifice you to their god. 
    You must LOOK and get the grass, then light a fire and GO WALL. Now travel WEST, NORTH, NORTH, NORTH, LOOK, WEST, [[[EXAMINE,]]] [--LOOK,--] EAST, EAST, EAST and examine the bush. Get the berries and go WEST twice. Now go SOUTH, SOUTH, SOUTH, EAST, EAST, EAST, NORTH, NORTH, WEST and EAT K RATIONS. 
    LOOK and TIE HOOK TO LINE. Bait the hook and CATCH FISH. Take the fish before going EAST, SOUTH, SOUTH, WEST, WEST, WEST, NORTH, NORTH, NORTH, NORTH, WEST, WEST, WEST, SOUTH, WEST, SOUTH to the clearing. Now LOOK and take the wood. 
    Go SOUTH and drop the grass and wood. Go SOUTH again and examine the ferns. Then go NORTH, light a fire, then cook and eat the fish. Now go SOUTH and sleep. 
    When you wake, 
    N to threshold,
    N to small clearing 26,
    E to 27,
    S to 14,
    S to 20,
    E to 21,
    E to 22,
    E to 23,
    E to 24,
    N to 17,
    N to 31,
    N to 38, and
    N to 44.
    Save game. Then launch Part 3. Load savegame.
    go NORTH. Go EAST twice. Milk the goat and drink the milk. Go WEST, WEST, SOUTH, EAST, SOUTH, SOUTH, EAST and JUMP. To save yourself you must pull the handle and grab the dinghy. Now CLIMB DINGHY, GET OARS and ROW DINGHY. To finish the game, CLIMB STAGE.
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