Arculator - Constant broken directories

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Arculator - Constant broken directories

Post by Trapper » Sat Jun 06, 2015 4:01 pm

Hello All,

I've had a frustrating time with IDE disc images on Arculator. No sooner do I transfer all my software over, change the file types and get it running at some point the directories will break and all will be lost.

I can get around it by creating constant backups on the .hdf in a good configuration, but frankly it's more hassle than it is worth!

Now I am running it from a local SSD, but connected via a powered USB 3.0 enclosure. I was wondering whether any "spin downs" or power downs of the enclosure whilst the emulator is running is knackering ADFS when emulating.

Even good old LookSystems recovery suite cannot repair the damage!



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Re: Arculator - Constant broken directories

Post by steve3000 » Tue Jun 09, 2015 11:40 pm

You don't mention about what set up you have - how are you running Arculator, what version and how did you create the IDE image? Also what emulated configuration (RISC OS 2, 3, new FDC, old FDC, Arm2, Arm3, RAM etc). I use Arculator v0.99 all the time with RISC OS 3.1, 16mb, a .hdf and ArculFS, and have not seen a broken directory once.

...however I've never tried running Arculator via a USB link to an external HDD/SSD. Even if this does power down while in use, this should be handled on the host side, and not the emulated side, so there should be no data loss (unless you experience data loss on the host too?). Only likely risk of data loss would be if the drive is physically removed without flushing any data from the host (make sure you 'safely remove' or 'Eject' the drive first)? But even so, is this complexity necessary while testing? What size HDD do you have in your .hdf? The largest RISC OS 3.1 HDD is 512mb, and a .hdf of this size would take a tiny % of space in any modern PC's internal HHD/SDD - so could you run some tests without using the USB drive?

Back to the emulated environment - remember RISC OS 3 itself has a bug with ADFSbuffers if this configuration is <>0, and this could lead to corrupted data (possibly broken directories), so as a first step, make sure you have this set to 0. ;)

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