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Help me understand my School Setup (35 years ago!)

Posted: Sun Aug 16, 2020 5:58 pm
by MJS
A bit of a cheeky question but I'm curious as to how this was all interfaced and how it worked, and someone here must know.

My school had a room full of Electrons connected to each other via ribbon cables and a home-brew interface plugged in the back. It was protected with cassette tape clear covers, I remember that much, which suggests it might have been a published design or just clever use of something to protect it from prying fingers. I remember nothing about what was on the veroboard the ribbons interfaced with and how that inserted in the Electron.

We had an RM380z on a big stand which I believe was acting as a print and file server and the Elks used to !boot from it. We could load programs from the RM and print to it. Can anyone shed any light on this setup and whether is was in common use?