Pitube Direct speed testing

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Pitube Direct speed testing

Post by dhester » Thu Apr 02, 2020 9:05 pm

I have done a quick comparison of the release candidate 0 of Fer-De-Lance and Egg Eater with various Raspberry Pi's

I have attached the excel sheet as I can't work out how to include tables in posts.

These were done on an issue 7 Model B.
Tube Speed.xlsx
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Re: Pitube Direct speed testing

Post by BigEd » Thu Apr 02, 2020 9:17 pm

Could be interesting: here's a tip on tables in the forum:
1024MAK wrote:
Fri Mar 20, 2020 11:39 pm
If you want a table, have a play with the tool on this site. Create your table, then copy the resulting ‘code’ into the forum text editor box. Not sure how big a table you can have mind. May also be a pain to edit it.


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