Help Finding Replacement AC/DC Adapter

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Help Finding Replacement AC/DC Adapter

Post by thearttrooper » Sun Feb 16, 2020 11:35 am

This AC/DC adapter arrived with a broken pin. For the time being I've glued it back in place but can someone point me at a replacement. I'm having trouble matching the output rating and the size of the plug on the other end.
20191109_150132 (1).jpg
It's for use with a SCART/HDMI converter I bought for my beeb.



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Re: Help Finding Replacement AC/DC Adapter

Post by CMcDougall » Sun Feb 16, 2020 12:05 pm

a normal mobile phone charger will do that, as they are also 5v 1amp .

just join the wires up, noting /checking +/- 8)

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Re: Help Finding Replacement AC/DC Adapter

Post by mr-macrisc » Sun Feb 16, 2020 1:26 pm

Just what I was gonna say :)

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Re: Help Finding Replacement AC/DC Adapter

Post by johnkenyon » Sun Feb 16, 2020 1:59 pm

Two "cheapo" suggestions:

1) Keep the original adaptor, and glue on a modified "socket protector"/"plug socket cover"
(like: ... SX466_.jpg )
Find one that has an earth pin long enough to open the shutters, then do some trimming. The aim of the game is to present a large area to glue the protector to the adaptor, and have the adaptor's live and neutral pins stick out far enough to reach into the socket.
That will mean removing the protector's live and neutral pins and replacing with holes, and possibly sanding the back of the protector down to make it flat.

2) If you already have a 1A USB power supply, make yourself an adaptor cable. Either:
a) Get a USB lead and a suitable barrel connector, cut the end off and solder a new connector onto the end.
b) Get a shortish USB lead, and some heatshrink. Cut the "phone" end off the USB cable, Cut the cable from the adaptor at the adaptor end.
Slide heatshrink over the connections, and solder the USB lead to the adaptor lead.

In both cases check your handiwork with a multimeter to verify the polarity.
USB cables usually have +5v on red, and GND on black, and make sure you insulate the screen and data wires.
Old phone charger cables usually fail at the micro USB end, which conveniently is the end that you are going to cut off anyway...

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Re: Help Finding Replacement AC/DC Adapter

Post by Prime » Sun Feb 16, 2020 2:35 pm

Also remember that the output doesn't have to match exactly, as long as the voltage is the same

E.g. something like this : ... 5a-85-2940

Would be a suitable replacement as it's 5V 2.5A. I uses these to run my Atoms / Master Compact on.

Basically it will normally work as long as the voltage and polarity is the same and the current rating is the same or greater**

**A word of caution, on this though, don't be tempted to use a PSU that can supply much more current without additional fuses inline the above example of a 2.5A replacing a 1A is probably going to be OK, but if you where using say a PC psu that can supply say 50A, it will work under normal conditions but should a fault develop that causes it to draw say 45A, the PSU will supply this but bad things can happen to your equipment...e.g. it cataches fire! I this case I'd be tempted to put for example a 2A fuse inline.



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